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2013-11-08·Hangzhou relevant leaders visit Hangzhou paint research guid

HC360 Coating Net News: August 9th, Hangzhou city investment group Party committee secretary Xu Hong, censorial room director Ruan Min a line; in August 22nd, Hangzhou city classics is believed appoint vice director of Party committee members, Pu Ming...[Read more..]

2013-11-08·Jia Boli Liang Hemei home curious card part of the batch of

Southern daily dispatch (reporter / Ou Zhikui) reporter was informed today, theprovincial quality supervision departments of the province to enterprises produced 212 batches of interior and exterior wall coatings products regularly inspection, found t...[Read more..]

2013-11-08·Introduction of FAW Toyota water paint Guangzhou area to sta

"In 2013 September 26th, FAW Toyota into water paint Guangzhou area to start the General Assembly" held in Guangzhou, Guangzhou FAW Toyota announced that 16stores this year the full import of waterborne coatings. Prior to this, the FAW Toyotahas been ...[Read more..]

2013-11-08·Nippon high electrophoretic electrophoresis products certifi

Recently, the cause of Nippon automobile paint good news. Nippon high electrophoretic electrophoresis lasted a year and a half, formal access to GM's global operations certification (GMIO)....[Read more..]

2013-11-08·Feng import water paint

Xinkuaibao hearing recently, FAW Toyota announced that Guangzhou 16 outlets will be in this year the full import of waterborne coatings. It is reported, the import of waterborne coatings, is the FAW Toyota "honest services" brand an important part,pri...[Read more..]

2013-11-08·Air pollution control plan to the architectural coatings VOC

In October 7, 2013, the Chengguan District of Lanzhou city government informed of the recent work of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, in addition to coal-fired tea bath furnace demolition, enterprises stage production, stockpile closur...[Read more..]

2013-11-08·Carpoly focused paint fifteen Zai local top brand

Mention of China paint brand pride, people have to mention is known as "the firstbrand" Carpoly paint native coating....[Read more..]

2013-11-08·With environment protection as the brand foundation 45 years

A 45 year history of the famous Spanish brand Isaval witnessed in the contemporary world paint industry development history. In 1968, Isaval was born in Valencia, began to paint production, product and service market greatly quality welcome. In 1972, ...[Read more..]

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