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2013-11-08·Overview of epoxy resin floor essentials of environment mana

In order to make the epoxy floor paint is economical and durable, but should reasonable use, wash clean outside the attention should also be paid to epoxy floor paint in the construction of the environmental management. ...[Read more..]

2013-11-08·Matters needing attention in epoxy floor construction contra

In order to avoid disputes, Royal Terrace suggest floor engineering contracts andtenders don't exaggerate the strength of the company for the floor, epoxy floor paintconstruction factors, environment should also consult study. ...[Read more..]

2013-11-08·Epoxy resin floor maintenance essentials and norms

Epoxy floor completed delivery, should adhere to the maintenance and cleaning, to ensure that the workshop environment clean and tidy, truly achieve the clean production environment. At the same time, the work floor maintenance day included in the dai...[Read more..]

2013-11-08·What is the standard of anti electrostatic floor paint coati

A conductive bottom coating, anti-static grounding system network, conductivecoating and anti-static surface layer of anti-static floor coating. Conductive bottomcoating generally use the strong permeability, good adhesion of the epoxy or polyurethane...[Read more..]

2013-11-08·Epoxy floor coatings performance testing standards and the s

A, GB/T6739 "determination of film hardness by pencil test", the laboratory has thepencil hardness tester, the construction site of manual test, only requires thecorresponding pencil hardness index, plough 5 3mm was not plow injury mark, thepencil har...[Read more..]

2013-11-08·Epoxy anti-static floor electrostatic standard

With anti-static floor paint technology, the use of anti-static floor paint coatingconcrete or cement ground, to avoid static generation approach is more and morewidely used. Anti-static epoxy floor | epoxy has smooth surface appearance, easy to clean...[Read more..]

2013-11-08·Epoxy anti-static floor surface resistance test method

A, anti-static floor surface resistance detection device...[

2013-11-08·Latex paint for interior wall construction conditions and qu

Kunshan floor net news: the inside wall emulsioni paint construction premise andquality standards...[Read more..]

2013-11-08·The dew condensation water and heat insulation coating solut

The dew condensation water refers to the surface condensation surface temperatureis lower than the dew point temperature of air near the phenomenon. Long time will cause the surface moldy, black, corrosion. Generally speaking, we mean the air ishumid ...[Read more..]

2013-11-08·Hangzhou relevant leaders visit Hangzhou paint research guid

HC360 Coating Net News: August 9th, Hangzhou city investment group Party committee secretary Xu Hong, censorial room director Ruan Min a line; in August 22nd, Hangzhou city classics is believed appoint vice director of Party committee members, Pu Ming...[Read more..]

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